Piggy Toes Inspired Art Project

Here at Piggy Toes, we love it when children not only read our books, but are inspired to do fun activities from them. Mama Jenn had a great craft idea inspired by our book What Makes a Rainbow?

What Makes a Rainbow is a magic ribbon book. On each spread, a new ribbon with a new rainbow color is added. On the last page, there is an entire rainbow made from ribbons. Jenn had her kids make their own rainbows, from colored ribbon that she cut up.

(all images used with permission from Mama Jenn.)

Here are her supplies:

And the finished product:

Very cute idea! We love that our book inspired such a fun art project!



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4 responses to “Piggy Toes Inspired Art Project

  1. Ernestine

    What a fantastic idea! My grandchildren would love to do this! Thanks for the great idea! Where can I purchase the book?

  2. Karen

    Cute Cute Cute craft! Where in the Fargo, North Dakota area can I purchase the book?

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